Winter Chia Pudding

Serves: 1-2

-1 cup slivered almonds
-3 cups water
-handful raspberries
-handful blueberries
-chia seeds – for every 1.5 cups milk obtained, add 1/4 cup chia seeds
-a pinch of vanilla seeds
-1 tspn cinnamon
-1 tspn vanilla extract
1. Add the almonds and water to a blender and blitz for 1 minute until you have a frothy, milky mixture.
2. Strain the milk and return it to the blender. Place the leftover nut pulp in a freezer safe small container and store it in the freezer.
3. Add the raspberries and blueberries to the milk and blitz for few seconds.
4. Pour your spiced almond milk into a large jar and add the chia seeds, vanilla and cinnamon. Place the lid and give it a good shake to make sure those tiny chia seeds are evenly spread out.
5. Place in the fridge overnight.