quiche egg recipe

Quiche Cups

Serves: 4

-¾ cup of grape tomatoes, chopped
-1 cup of fresh spinach
-½ cup of sliced mushrooms
-1 tablespoon of your favorite cheese (low fat or part-skim)
-4 whole eggs
-¾ cup of egg whites
-1 tbsp of hot sauce (optional)
​**Can substitute vegetables
1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Spray a standard size muffin tin with cooking spray.
2. In a bowl, combine tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms.
3. Add any seasonings to the vegetables that are desired.
4. Place about 2 tbsp of this mixture into each muffin cup.
5. In another bowl beat the eggs and egg whites together and pour the veggies.
6. Then sprinkle some cheese on all or some.
7. Let it bake for about 20 minutes.